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Free One Way Links

Affordable SEO

Formerly, by invitation and word of mouth only. Linkpods is now offering its affordable SEO services to the public.

Linkpods designs and executes an affordable, ethical, and technically sound SEO Services specifically for your website. We help make your website keywords more relevant in the eyes of search engines. Getting you 10 Top Search Engine Results! Read More about LinkPods Affordable SEO Services

Link Exchange Truths

Fact: It is sad, but very true. Ten years marketing on the Internet taught me this hard, but very important lesson.

Most link exchanges are a waste of time!

Here's Why

Your link gets put on a link exchange page that is not been optimized for Search Engines.
Too much wasted time weeding through link exchange spammer emails.
The link exchange page has a small or zero PageRank.
Little or no relevance that can be passed down to your site.
The link exchange page is buried or has no links to the link exchange page.
Too many outbound links.
Dishonest webmasters who will add your link only to pull it down a month or 2 later.
Over the Top Competitiveness - You verses me mentality.

Find out how Linkpod's eliminates this reality and uses community to mutually benefit all link partners within the LinkPod Community. Read more Link Exchange Truths

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