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Affordable SEO

Formerly, by invitation and word of mouth only. Linkpods is now offering its affordable SEO services to the public.

Linkpods designs and executes an affordable, ethical, and technically sound SEO Services specifically for your website. We help make your website keywords more relevant in the eyes of search engines. Getting you 10 Top Search Engine Results! Read More about LinkPods Affordable SEO Services

Link With A New Twist

When most people think about building inbounds links to their website, the feeling of dread quickly becomes overwhelming. The tedious process of adding other websites to your links page and sending out emails notifying webmasters you would like to exchange links. UGH

What are you really building? The answer is usually a bridge to nowhere.

Here is what normally happens.

Your link never get spidered.
Unscrupulous webmasters who pull your back link after a couple months.
Your link on a web page has little of no traffic.
Your link on a web page that has 100 outbound links.
Or my favorite, a links page that has been “No Followed”.

Most of the sites linking to you will never improve.


The sites linking to them will never improve. One plus One is always Zero. You have to help the people linking to you improve. Sort of a link mentor.

Multi Level Marketing using this mentoring process. They help the people in their down line become better marketers. By doing this, they ultimately benefit from the success of people in their down line.

Here is the twist.

Helping build the linking power of the sites that link to you, benefits you. Similar to Multi Level Marketing.

Find sites with similar content and create joint linking ventures. If done properly, each of you can have one way links that pack a punch. As the sites linking to you gain in Page Rank and search engine results ranking, your site benefits! As your one way link network grows, you can leverage your link campaign into massive success.

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