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Get Free One Way Links

Free One Way Links

Over time, the your Linkpod will continue to expand. As it grows, PageRank and keyword relevance is channelled through the linking structure to your website. Through my own experience, it is not uncommon to dominate the first page shelf space of a given keyword or keyword string.

Get One Way Links!

LinkPods can work for your website!

While I am not going to be specific on the linking strategy itself, I can tell you the LinkPods concept and success is based on a few simple guiding principles. You can use this linking strategy to dominate keywords.

A simple strategy that pays long term benefits.
Over time, the link vortex grows into free, highly targeted search engine traffic.

One Way Links to and from to relevant websites.
Each one way link you receive from your participation in this program will be relevant, guaranteed.

Well placed one way links from a website's homepage.
This scares most inexperienced marketers away. The purpose of placing one way link on the homepage is for keyword relevance and search engine ranking. The clicks away from your site will be dwarfed by the additional free organic search engine traffic you can get using Linkpods.

Honest joint venture links with direct competitors.
FACT: Successful Internet marketers use joint ventures to pump each others products and websites. They make a ton of cash doing it. If you want better search engine placement, the choice is simple.

Free One Way Links
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