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Affordable SEO Service Packages

Free One Way Link Inclusion

Free community based one way link program. One way inbound and outbound community of webmasters helping webmasters build a stronger search engine presence. Incorporating a passive, hands off link building approach that creates positive search engine results.
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One Way Link Building Package

LinkPods leverages its free community to find relevent websites to link to you. Helping to create an immediate benefit to your website. We will also agressively seek out new one way links and linking partnerships thru social media, press releases, article submissions, niche directories, and more..

Website SEO Consulting

12 years of Internet marketing and SEO experience will be used to review and advise you on your keyword selection, meta tags, alt tags, content editing and/or creation, and internal linking structure. This package is perfect for DIYer who needs improved direction and wants to achieve optimum results on their own. Recommendations and best practices specific to your website will be provide via email and thru phone conversations.

Advanced SEO Package

This advanced strategy combines all of our one way link building solutions along with the developement of Search Engine Result Shelf Space. This is an accepted technique used to gain top search engine results with multiple domains on competitive keywords. The is accomplished through the use of original content and linking strategies. All of which funnels free, targeted search engine traffic to your website using Linkpods affordable seo services.

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