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Formerly, by invitation and word of mouth only. Linkpods is now offering its affordable SEO services to the public.

Linkpods designs and executes an affordable, ethical, and technically sound SEO Services specifically for your website. We help make your website keywords more relevant in the eyes of search engines. Getting you 10 Top Search Engine Results! Read More about LinkPods Affordable SEO Services

Be Consistent with your URL

Did you know that you can have a wide variety of URLs for each page on your Website? Did you also know, being inconsistant with these URLs you can be wasting your time?

It takes a lot of time to build websites, do link exchanges, create blogs, and post to forums. Doesn't it make sense to maximize your efforts?

Here is an example of the different types of URLs your website's homepage can have.

Which is the better link?

Any one of these is ok to use. Just be consistent.

Why is being consistent better?

Search engines see each of these versions as separate pages. When your links lack consistent uniformity, you split the link popularity among these different URLs. While you should not be penalized for linking this way, you are reducing the effectiveness of your efforts.

It is important to remember, this basic concept holds true for internal links, as well as, external inbound links.

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