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Is LinkPods free?
No payments are required to particpate is this community linking strategy.

Are all the links I get one way?
Yes, All are unique one way links.

What exactly does LinkPods do?
We provide link management serves for webmasters. We make sure the links you get are from relevant websites and ensure all webmasters are in compliance with the terms and conditions of the program.

Am I required to place outbound links from my website?
Yes, all free community members are required to place up to 7 outbound links on their homepage.

What link strategy does LinkPods use?
First and foremost, all links are located at the bottom homepage and are 100% one way. We also use a proven linking structure usually reserved for massive website networks.

I am concerned I will lose visitors if I put my competitor's links on my homepage. Why do they have to be on the homepage?
A very small percentage of your visitors will click on your outbound links and leave your site. Your increased PageRank and search engine ranking should more than compensate you for a handfull of lost visitors.

What will the links look like?
A simple link of no more than 3 keywords. Link example: One Way Links

Will my inbound links be from relevant websites?
Yes, inbound links will be highly targeted so you get the most out of your keywords. This increased keyword relevance is key to better search engine results.

How is my placement determined?
No placement preference is given unless you have your own LinkPod.

You refer to LinkPods as a linking community. Can you please explain further?
LinkPods is a community driven by webmasters, link exchange firms, and seo professionals coming together to help each other succeed. We feel people helping people can accomplish great results.

Does this program require any maintenance?
You may be asked to replace or remove a link. Unfortunately, not all people play by the rules and will be removed from the program. You may have a webmaster chose to no longer participate or the website is no longer active.

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