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Bad Link Partners

Unfortunately, when it comes to link exchanges, people are willing to be bad neighbors. They are willing to send you email after email, offering the same link exchanges, 3 way link swaps, and other seemingly legit link exchange offers.

Here are a few examples of bad link partners

  1. You get the same email using a different email address and/or different contact name
  2. The link exchange offer seems good, until you notice the link exchange page has no link from the home page.
  3. Your back link gets removed after 30 days creating a one way link for them.

There really is not any way to avoid this type of linking partner except for eliminating your link exchange programs all together.

The bad link partners are quickly making the basic link exchange a thing of the past. The return on the time spend finding and doing the link exchange has been reduced to zero.

Your time is better spent creating content for your website, writing articles for submission, participating in forums, and using creative linking services.

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