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Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO

Formerly, by invitation only. Linkpods is now offering its affordable SEO services to the public.

Linkpods designs and executes an affordable, ethical, and technically sound SEO Services specifically for your website. We help make your website keywords more relevant in the eyes of search engines. Getting you 10 Top Search Engine Results!

How Does Your Website Achieve Topical Relevance and Top 10 Search Results?

Website Structure
- The structure of your website must be clean, logical and easily navigable. Successful SEO largely depends on search engine spiders being abe to find and index your original content.

Original Content
- Content is king. Let me say this again. Original content is a must. Knowing how and where to properly market your original content is also vital to your success.

Inbound and Internal Linking Structure
- Design and execute an inbound linking strategy that is natural, effective, and trustworthy.
- Create an internal linking structure that maximizes your site's content.

Affordable SEO Services

FACT: No one has a magic bullet or secret potion that gets your site free organic search engine results and traffic. SEO is a calculated, methodical, and time consuming process.

It is important to understand, Search result providers, like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are no different than you are.

  • You are trying to present yourself as a trustworthy provider of goods or services to your customers.

  • Search Engines also want to bring relevant, trustworthy results to their customer's search inquiries.

  • Having proper website structure, original content, natural inbound links, and good internal linking helps your website become trustworthy in the eyes of the Search Engines. Over time, you will continue to earn the trust of search engines and possibly get top 10 search engine results.

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    Recent Testimonial

    Linkpods online marketing and Search Engine Optimization knowledge is the very reason my business is doubling in traffic every month for the past 5 months. Our company had the ability to grow in this economic climate and a few of our neighbors were out of work. We decided to try marketing and had our website offering industrial v-belts developed. We had been to referred to Greg but didn't really understand what it was that he did. After 4 months and thousands of Google hits, we have been able to put a few of our neighbors to work full-time. Much of the credit for this success goes to Greg for his unique and ingenious ability to bring organic search engine traffic to my website.
    Dan E.

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